\We are a small family owned and operated coffee plantation located on the fertile slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano in the famed coffee growing region of Kona, Hawaii. Our plantation name of Kona Liana derives from the Hawaiian translation for Ryan who is our son. Since taking over the plantation three years ago, we have been following organic farming protocols by strict avoidance chemical pesticides or fertilizers. All of our mature coffee trees are painstakingly hand-picked during the yearly harvesting period between September and January. Since our coffee trees are grown on a mountainside with varying elevations, the coffee will ripen unevenly into red coffee cherry. Therefore, this requires harvesting each tree several times over. After picking, the coffee cherry will then go through numerous steps for its transformation into the familiar brown coffee bean we all know and enjoy.

The coffee cherry has a shiny red skin with a layer of white pulp underneath. For the first step in the process, the pulp must be removed using a hand cranked mechanical de-pulper. Inside each cherry there are two white beans, which are covered in a sticky, sweet mucilage. This mucilage then has to be removed by fermenting the beans in water for about 10 hours. Following this process, the beans are then spread evenly on what is known as a drying deck, or hoshidana. Then for a period of approximately two weeks, the beans are open air dried in the warm Hawaiian sunshine. The beans must then be raked daily in order to keep air circulating between the beans. The last step prior to roasting is a run through the dry mill by which mechanical hullers remove the remaining outer parchment after the beans have been dried. Now the beans have a light green coloration and are now termed green coffee. Green coffee beans are smaller than roasted coffee and by contrast, have none of that sweet aroma we commonly associate with coffee. Our 100% green Kona coffee is then bagged and shipped to our roaster in the coffee capitol of Seattle, Washington. After roasting, we seal our coffee in 8 ounce or 12 ounce one-way valve bags which extends freshness.

As you can see, the process of growing and then roasting coffee is a laborious process, but the outcome of delicious Kona Coffee makes it all worth it! What also makes our coffee unique is that it is 100% grown and produced in the USA! No need for Fair Trade or Direct Trade Certification for our coffee!!

Please enjoy our coffee!



Grown in Hawaii
Packaged in Seattle