Full City Roast, Ground Coffee, 1 lb

Our ground coffee is a medium grind, which is most suited for drip coffee. We use a burr grinder for grinding Kona Liana coffee. We also suggest that if you do eventually purchase a grinder for your whole bean coffee, that it is a burr grinder. Most people are not aware of the differences between a burr coffee grinder and a blade coffee grinder. Even though it may seem that there would not be differences between the two types of grinders, they do influence the taste and quality of the brewed coffee. A blade coffee grinder has a blade which chops and hacks the coffee beans causing differences in the size of the grinds. As a result, a portion of the coffee will be ground into powder and the rest may be coarse. A burr grinder forces coffee between two blades and produces an evenly sized grind.

1 lb (16 oz)